Chuck’s Story

Chuck’s grandfather and father on the job. Chuck is the little boy standing in front of the truck’s grill near his dad, Dale Gray.

Chuck was born and raised right here in Arizona (the East Valley).  His father was a masonry contractor and his mother stayed at home to care for Chuck and his 6 brothers and sisters.

Chuck’s parents instilled in him the belief that he could do anything he put his mind to and to be faithful and fearless.

His father taught him to work hard, be respectful of others, and be honest in all his dealings. The hallmark of the Gray home was do what’s right and let the consequences follow.

Chuck laying brick for a front yard planter.

Growing up in the family masonry business, Chuck learned to lay brick and block, to build fences, fireplaces, chimneys, homes and commercial buildings.

He learned all about running a small business, making payroll and living within a budget. The family ensured they always provided value and produced an exceptional product.

Chuck worked hard in the business for over twelve years performing jobs such as laborer, mason, foreman and superintendent.

Developing Destiny

As a young boy, Chuck always wanted to save the world. He watched Superman and other superheroes on TV religiously.

Not Chuck, but he always wanted to defend others.

Even at the young age of 4 years old, Chuck used his little red blanket as a sort of super-hero cape as he ‘flew’ throughout his home, leaping from armchair to couch and back again. In his mind, he could fly and he always had to save the world.

Chuck would also mimic his favorite cartoon, Mighty Mouse, by puffing out his little chest and calling out, “Here I come to save the day! Mighty Mouse is on his way!”

Since that time, he has always felt a deep desire and duty to defend the little guy and save the damsel in distress. That was the dream Chuck wanted to live. To serve and protect was his heart’s desire.

Fulfilling Destiny

Chuck served as a Police Officer for over 10 years on the City of Mesa police force.

Fulfilling Chuck life long dream of becoming a Police Officer, he joined the Mesa Police Department in 1990, where he served for more than ten years.

He was blessed to be able to serve in many areas including Patrol, Spanish Translator, Field Training Officer (training new officers), Community Relations, and as a Detective in the Auto Theft Unit.

Serving The Community

As a Police Officer, Chuck taught students self-esteem skills and to respect themselves and others .

While working as a Patrol Officer, Chuck became very interested in helping kids leave the gang life. He was soon chosen to head up a federal youth outreach program called, Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.). He instituted and personally taught this anti-gang curriculum ten local junior high schools for over 2½ years.

Chuck served over 10 years with the Mesa Police Department.

Chuck also served in the Mesa Police Gang Unit.  His interest in helping troubled youth led him to work in the Police Athletics League (PAL) where he helped kids stay off the streets on Friday and Saturday nights.

Chuck also served as a Scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America for over four years.

Following his career in law enforcement, Chuck took a full time position as head of an Internet company he established previously in 1997.  His company, marketed automotive accessories around the world. He sold the business, 20 years later, in 2017. 

Giving Back To The Community

Arizona House of Representatives

Finding that his internet business afforded him additional time to serve his community, Chuck was elected to the Arizona House of Representatives where he served for 3 years. In March of 2006 Chuck was appointed to fill a vacancy in the Arizona State Senate left by the passing of Senator Marilyn Jarrett.

State Senator and Senate Majority Leader

Chuck was elected twice more to the Senate and was then elected by Senators from across Arizona to be the Senate Majority Leader.

Senator Gray held the position of Senate Majority Leader from 2008 to 2010.

Family Man

Chuck and his sweetheart Connie have been happily married  for over 40 years.

Protecting Families and Parents Rights

During his 8 years in the legislature, he authored and guided over 60 key pieces of important legislation through the House and Senate to the Governor’s desk where each of those bills became law.

Ceremonial signing of Senator Chuck Gray’s Parents Bill of Rights by Governor Brewer.

Senator Gray’s “Parents’ Bill of Rights” (Senate Bill 1309) was signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer which secured in Arizona law your right as a parent to:

  • Opt your child out of any learning material or activity that you find harmful to your child including material that questions beliefs or practices related to sex, morality, or religion.
  • Opt your child out of any activity you deem objectionable because of sexual content, violent content, or profane or vulgar language.
  • Give your express permission BEFORE your child is given sex education instruction by a school district. (Without your written permission, your child cannot participate in sex education.)
  • Be notified in advance if content discussing sexuality is taught in other classes, such as history or literature, and the right to opt your child out of that instruction.
  • Give your express permission BEFORE your child is exposed to any video, audio, or electronic materials that are inappropriate for the age of the student. (This means the school cannot show a rated-R movie to students under 18 years of age without your signed, written permission.) 
  • Opt you child out of instruction on the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).
  • Excuse your child from school attendance for religious purposes.
  • Be informed regarding the nature and purpose of extracurricular student clubs and activities.
  • Access instructional materials and review courses of study and textbooks.

Parents’ Bill of Rights

In short, Senator Gray secured into Arizona Law your right as a parent to direct the moral, religious and educational upbringing of your child including your child’s physical and mental health care as a fundamental right of you, the parent.

Senator Gray sponsored and cosponsored many additional bills and amendments to fine-tune Arizona laws to ensure the best real-world outcomes for Arizonans.

Congressional Service

After his success in the Arizona Legislature, Chuck was tapped by Congressman Matt Salmon to lead his team as his Arizona Director.

Chuck Served as Director for Congressman Matt Salmon’s Arizona Staff.

For four years, Director Gray directed the Arizona operations of the Congressman. He was able to develop and maintain effective working relationships with federal, state, county and local officials including Arizona’s congressional delegations and their staff members.

Close To The People

Chuck lead the outreach efforts for Congressman Salmon.

As Director, Chuck organized community outreach and local activities including, Town Halls, Jobs Tours, Round Tables, Focus Groups, Advisory Groups, Panel Discussions, Community Events, Congressional Awards and Presentations, and Speaking Engagements. The purpose of these efforts was to bring government closer to the people and to gain vital citizen input into how to improve government to truly serve the people.

22 Years of Effective Leadership

Chuck Gray has more than 22 years of effective high level leadership experience that he will bring to the Arizona House of Representatives.

Support Pinal County’s

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Let’s Make A Difference!

Chuck and his wife Connie have been married for over 40 years. They have 5 children, 11 grandchildren and live in San tan Valley at Johnson Ranch.

Elyse Grunstead:

Chuck Gray previously held seats as Senator and Senate Majority Leader as well as being a police officer. He has the knowledge and the integrity to easily fill the role…

Being a native Arizonan from the East Valley, Chuck will do what’s best.. The more I know and work with him, the better I like him and what he stands for.

Elyse Grunstead – San Tan Valley