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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

County Supervisor Candidate Chuck Gray First on Ballot in District 2

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Senator Gray is running for Pinal County Supervisor from San Tan Valley (Stock Photo)

San Tan Valley voters will soon have a chance to elect new leadership for Pinal County in the upcoming August primary election. Former State Senator Chuck Gray, submitted more than three times the required petition signatures needed to qualify for the ballot for the position of Pinal County Supervisor in District 2.

Gray, the first and only candidate to submit the required number of signatures said, “We want a more experienced leader at the county to stand up for San Tan Valley and our needs. This community is growing and we need more roads, better economic development and higher paying local jobs. We’re the largest community of taxpayers in the county but our growing needs are being ignored.”

When asked about his leadership style, Gray said, “I don’t act rashly or in haste. I listen to both sides carefully and study the matter in depth. I then seek a solution that has the highest and best outcome for the greatest number of people.”

Gray, a resident of Johnson Ranch, has been a longtime champion of the people for better and more effective government. The former Senate majority leader acknowledged that his more than 22 years of public service makes him uniquely qualified to tackle the needs and challenges of the rapid growth San Tan Valley is experiencing.

Noting local concerns of rising crime, Gray explained that his many years as an Arizona law enforcement officer, is an asset that no other supervisor can offer.

Former Senator Gray is an 8-year veteran legislator who served in the Arizona House of Representatives, the State Senate and was elected Senate Majority Leader by senators from across Arizona.


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