It’s Time For A New Direction

Making San Tan Valley the Crown Jewel of Pinal County

Our San Tan Valley is a growing and vibrant community with a fabulous lifestyle and identity. We have great potential as a community, but we need leaders with vision and foresight to make that greatness become our reality.

San Tan Valley can no longer wait for great things to happen to us. We need to come together, work as one and make our voice heard. Together we can create the excitement, the synergy and the momentum that is vital to ensure our local needs are met.

Let’s make San Tan Valley the crown jewel of Pinal County.

Where Do We Start?

We see economic development coming to other areas of Pinal County but we are not seeing any high-tech, well-paying employment opportunities coming to San Tan Valley.

With a population of well over 120,000 people, San Tan Valley is the largest community in the county. We should be able to attract much more business investments and high-paying employment opportunities than we are currently experiencing.

Chuck Gray’s extensive background at the city, state and federal level can provide a new direction that is so desperately needed to bring these important economic opportunities to our community.
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Chuck Will Fight for Lower Taxes

We all work hard to make a living and provide for our families. But when government tells us we have to pay more and more in taxes each year, it becomes discouraging. 

Young families, seniors  and those on fixed incomes can hardly afford to pay more taxes and are usually hurt the most by tax increases.

It may surprise you to learn that over the last four years, your property taxes have, in most cases, gone up. As your home’s values increase, so does your tax liability.

It’s shocking to know that seniors and struggling homeowners are actually paying higher taxes year after year. This is especially burdensome on young families just starting out and those on fixed incomes. Taxes don’t have to go up!

There is a Better Way

As San Tan becomes a fertile valley for new economic development, land parcels that are now vacant and producing little in tax revenues, could be better planned and developed. New development brings in new sources of county revenues without raising taxes. This influx of new monies into the treasury can be used to lower taxes and improve roads and other services.

When our local economy is booming and diverse, there are more taxes dollars and we enjoy a higher standard of living. Well-planned economic development brings an increase in local competition, better product selection and lower prices – all without raising taxes. 
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Chuck Will Work to Improve Traffic Corridors

We all know we don’t have enough roads in and out of San Tan Valley.

Our limited streets and highways can’t handle the over 120,000 people that live here.

Because high paying jobs are limited locally, 80% of our work force must travel outside San Tan Valley to go to work everyday. This places a huge burden on the few roads we have in and out of San Tan.

Rush hour congestion is horrible and when an accident occurs on Hunt Highway, Ellsworth or Gantzel Road, traffic backs up quickly leaving no good alternative to get to work, get kids to school on time or make doctor appointments.

Did you know that less than 1% of Pinal County’s budget is allocated to transportation countywide?

We Can Do Better.

By building more roads in and out of San Tan Valley, improving our current roads and bringing better-paying local jobs to closer to home, we can reduce traffic, lower family travel expenses and improve our quality of life significantly.
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Chuck Supports Safer Neighborhoods

As a former Police Officer, Chuck understands the need to protect our homes, our families and our neighborhoods from increases in crime.

Proper and adequate law enforcement requires proactive leadership, experienced insight, ample funding and targeted planning.

We see crime rising in certain San Tan Valley neighborhoods. We must allocate sufficient resources to our Sheriff’ Department and the courts to allow quicker response time and more effective efforts to stem the rising tide of crime before it becomes a crisis.
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