Leadership is not just being in elected office. Anyone can manage an office.

It takes a real leader to lead the charge so others will follow. I have successfully passed over 60 conservative bills into law.

As Senate Majority Leader, I led the Senate floor debates on all bills and rallied the my Republican colleagues in the Senate to forward conservative pro-American bills to the Governor’s desk for signature.
  I Provide Proven Conservative Leadership. 

Pro life

The Sanctity of Life

Every life is precious.

I have always defended the life and rights of the unborn and I will continue to do so.

 I am 100% Pro-Life. 

Secure Borders
As a former police officer, I’ve witnessed first-hand the tragedy and devastation that comes from illegal immigration.

We have a sacred duty to shield our families and this nation from drug dealers, human traffickers and terrorists who illegally cross our borders.  I Stand For Secure Borders. 

Law Enforcement
Our American system of justice provides neighborhoods that are safe and secure via the principle of law and order.

Without the enforcement of law, we have no order. Our police and law enforcement need community support and respect to be effective as public servants. 

 I Stand with Law Enforcement and the Rule of Law. 

2nd Amendment
Self-Defense is our right! As a State Senator, I carried an A+ rating with the NRA.

Our God-given right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, means very little if we cannot defend those rights.

 I Defend Our Right To Bear Arms. 

Parental Rights

Senator Chuck Gray’s Parents Bill of Rights – Bill Signing Ceremony with Governor Jan Brewer

Parents have the right and responsibility to raise, care for and direct the upbringing of their children. That’s why I wrote and passed into law, The Parents Bill of Rights wherein we secured into law those God-given rights.  I Champion Parents Rights. 

Educational ChoiceEducating the rising generation is critical to our future as communities and as a nation. School choice provides parents a way to select an educational path that best serve the needs of the individual child.

One size does NOT fit all. Public, charter, home vocational and online schools provide a variety of options for parents in the free-marketplace of education.

 I Support Parental School Choice. 

Lower Taxes
High taxes and government regulation reduce economic productivity. When our local economy suffers, so the people.

Reducing the burden government places on us all, promotes a healthy and more responsive economy and puts more money into the pockets of businesses, young families and those on fixed incomes. We work hard for our money.

We should be able to keep more of it.  I Support Lower Taxes. 

HealthcareSocial safety-nets should never become government hammocks. We are a kind and giving nation and to lend a hand up is part of our nature and culture.

However, government should never dictate how we choose to make healthcare decisions.

Medical mandates and forced healthcare constraints reduce our freedom and stifle innovation.

 I Support Affordable Healthcare via the Free-Market. 

Judy Thornell:

“I met Senator Chuck Gray several years ago when I needed his expertise and guidance.  I found Chuck to be a person who listens intently and then finds a way to help using his knowledge, experience and thoughtfulness.  

Chuck is a visionary whose life-long dedication to serving and problem solving makes him uniquely qualified to serve the people…”
Judy Thornell is Board Secretary & Director of External Partnerships for Return US Home (RUSH) – RUSH is a Nonprofit focused on Parental Child Abduction Prevention)

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