#1 – We Need Experienced Leaders

As you well-know liberal progressives are getting bolder and more underhanded. The Arizona House of Representatives is currently held by Republicans by the slimmest of margins – 31 vs 29. And we now have a vacancy.

Redistricting will make a lot of changes in the make-up of the House and the Senate. There could be new leadership in either House and there’s going to be a new governor. This is not the time for inexperience.

We need seasoned leaders to address the needs of Pinal County now. A two or three year learning curve, will only delay addressing our needs. With 8 years experience, Chuck won’t have that learning curve and can hit the ground running from day one.

Experience Counts

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Gray
Chuck Served as:
• Police Officer/Detective~10 years
• State Representative~3 years    
• State Senator~5 Years
• Senate Majority Leader~2 Years
• Director of Congressional Office~4 Years

8 years of service in the Legislature, Chuck is ready right now to address the needs of Pinal County in the House. A two or three year learning curve is typical of most new legislators which will only delay addressing our most important issues.

With Chuck’s extensive background and leadership experience, he won’t have that learning curve and Chuck can hit the ground running from day one.

2 – We Need Proven Conservatives

House Swearing in of Representative Chuck Gray

When it comes to protecting our lives, our liberties and our families, we have a sacred duty to send our best – proven conservatives with a clear track record that we know won’t disappoint us. Someone who will not shrink in the face of mounting opposition.

Many have claimed to be strong conservatives only to later demonstrate, in the heat of the battle, that they are not worthy of our trust and confidence as true conservatives.

Integrity in Word And Deed

Chuck GrayChuck Gray is a proven conservative you can trust. He has held fast in the heat of the battle to defend and champion our precious liberties, our values and our way of life.

He’s reduced taxes, protected our rights and stood for the rule of law and has the legislative track record to prove it.

Chuck is a proven champion in this ongoing battle to preserve the principles that made this nation great.

#3 – We Need Effective Leadership

Vote Chuck Gray for House of Representatives.

It’s easy to SAY you’ll do the right thing. It may even be your honest intentions to vote conservatively. But that’s not all there is to being an effective legislator. To be effective, you actually have to move conservative legislation into law. And that’s harder than it sounds.

Talking conservative, or even walking conservative isn’t enough. To be effective you have to lead the charge on conservative issues.

When someone says no, you have to push back demonstrating that there is a path to victory and leading others to join the fight toward many conservative victories. In order to lead that charge, you have to first, know the way.

Effectiveness Means Actually Getting Things Done.

Parents Bill of Rights – Signing Ceremony

Chuck has led the charge and knows the way. He has successfully passed over 60 conservative bills into law. As Senate Majority Leader, Chuck led the charge for his Republican colleagues. He led Senate floor debate on all bills and rallied the votes to get the good bills to the Governor’s desk for signature.

22 Years of Effective Leadership

Part of Chuck’s effectiveness will be his seniority. Because of his past service, Chuck is very experienced as a Committee Chairman where he can screen out bad bills and promote high quality legislation.

Chuck Gray has more than 22 years of effective high level leadership experience that he will bring to the Arizona Legislature.


Judy Thornell:

“I met Senator Chuck Gray several years ago when I needed his expertise and guidance.  I found Chuck to be a person who listens intently and then finds a way to help using his knowledge, experience and thoughtfulness.  

Chuck is a visionary whose life-long dedication to serving and problem solving makes him uniquely qualified to serve the people…” – Judy Thornell is Board Secretary & Director of External Partnerships for Return US Home (RUSH) – RUSH is a Nonprofit focused on Parental Child Abduction Prevention)